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Bio Page

It is my pleasure to begin my 26th year in middle school!!!  I truly believe teaching is a calling, and I love the
opportunity to watch young minds expand and develop!!  
I have been married to the love of my life for the last twenty-two years, and we have two amazing children!!!! Our daughter, Mary Beth, 
starts her second year at Lee this year. Our son, JimBo, is a freshman at Walker Valley.
I will again be sponsoring the OMS yearbook, and I enjoy spending a great deal of time at our church, North Cleveland Baptist.  My husband is a deacon, and I enjoy singing in the choir.  
I am looking forward to a wonderful year!!!!!
See RECENT POSTS for a daily list of assignments, etc. 


Friday, 3/6/2020

After a review of this nine weeks, students were given the majority of the class time to work on the Spring Color Sheet. If it wasn't finished, they should be turned in by Tuesday when we return.

Thursday, 3/5/2020

Students were given time to finish their Chapter 19 Study Guide Sheets and confirm any additional assignments that they may have not already submitted.
Ms. McBee needs to use the computers tomorrow, so we will not be having a Weekly Quiz- we WILL, however, have a Color Review Sheet that will be due the Tuesday we return from Spring Break.

Wednesday, 3/4/2020

After an overview of the Practice Test, students were given 40 total minutes to 
complete the 23 question Social Studies Practice Test. Correct answers were given at the end so that students could get immediate feedback.  The behavior and participation were fantastic!!!!  
All Census posters are due tomorrow. 
Color Review Sheet will be featured on Friday instead of the Weekly Quiz because Ms. Mc Bee will be using the computers.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Students were given a Study Guide for Chapter 19-The Reniassance. We read aloud and began completing it by sections -pages 99-102 (top).
Then, as a fantastic visual, we viewed a portion of an outstanding video segment about the Rise of the Renaissance.
Please use tomorrow's day off to work on the Census poster for extra credit!!
Enjoy your day!
Friday will feature a Review Color Sheet  instead of a quiz since we are at the end of the nine weeks and some may be absent that day.  

Friday, 2/28/2020

After a brief review, students completed the Weekly Quiz over Chapters 17 &18. Then, students either completed make-up work, studied, or worked on I-Ready.
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Census posters are due Wednesday, March 4th.

Thursday, 2/27/2020

Students viewed three short segments on the 2020 Census, and I gave an overview of the poster contest that is available to all Bradley County Schools students.  On a poster board (no smaller than a half size sheet) promote the importance of completing the 2020 Census. An Extra Credit Pass will be given to all who choose to participate-this is not a requirement. I'm including a link for additional information on the Census. 
We also reviewed for tomorrow's Weekly Quiz and played a Kahoot made by Josh Salzer and Ben Hinkle.
Study for tomorrow's Weekly Quiz.

Wednesday, 2/26/2020

After a brief review, students were given time to finish the Chapters 17 & 18 Study Guide. Items for Friday's Weekly Quiz will come directly from the Study Guides. 

Tuesday, 2/25/2020

Mrs. Ashley came for 4-H and discussed cyberbullying.
After her short lesson, students were given a study guide for Chapters 17 &18 and given the rest of the class time to fill in the answers.
The Weekly Quiz on Friday will come from the items on the Study Guide.

Monday, 2/24/2020

Students completed the Science Practice Test with their 4th Period class.  The rest of the school day was divided into 40 minute class periods.  In SS, we read through Chapter 18 on the Hundred Years War and discussed it.  (pp. 96-98)

Begin Studying for the Weekly Quiz over Chapters 17 and 18 on Friday.

Friday, 2/21/2020

Schools were closed due to predicted icy conditions.
Many blessings for a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, 2/20/2020

After review, we read aloud pp. 92-95 in the Gallopade book and discussed the exercises/questions as we went through them. We also watched a musical parody about the Black Plague. Weekly Quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2/19/2020

We reviewed the questions from yesterday and time was given to finish since
we had abbreviated class periods yesterday.

Tuesday, 2/18/2020

We took the 90 minute ELA test in our 4th period class and then had a modified schedule for the rest of the day.  Mrs. Nichols was our sub since I was at Lee University.  
She had you read aloud pp. 274-276 in the green textbook and complete a handout with questions. Begin studying for Friday's Weekly Quiz.