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Archery Information

  Archery Procedures and Guidelines for Team Membership

       Archery is a fantastic sport that relies heavily on self-disciplined members who work tirelessly individually but also cooperatively as a unit.  Before trying out, please consider the commitment you will be making if chosen as a member of this team.  The season runs from late October to May, so if you know that you are planning on participating in any of the Spring Sports (baseball, volleyball, track, etc.) or the Spring Musical, the archery schedule may conflict with their schedules. 

     Please read the following list of guidelines and procedures as you consider trying out for archery.  After careful consideration is given, parents AND their student should sign this form, and have your student BRING IT with him/her to the tryout.  A signed parent sheet is REQUIRED for EVERY student to tryout for the team. No form=student will NOT be allowed to stay for tryouts.

Each of the twenty-four archers that are selected for the team will be required to provide the following…. (Please initial EACH statement on each line.)

______*$200 participation fee that covers jersey and team equipment

                 maintenance (arrows, target covers, etc) NOT bows.

______*All tournament fees (see pricing ESTIMATE on the schedule). You will generally 

                pay at the door, except for State and National Competitions.

______*Transportation to and from all archery practices, tournaments, and events

______*Provide at least one representative to work the tournament

                that will be held at OMS

______*Maintain an excellent academic and behavioral record.

______*Attend all practices unless there is sickness or you have a pre-approved      


I have read this entire document, so I am aware of the financial and time commitments my child is interested in making. 

_____________________________Parent Signature   ___________Date

Pranent phone number:______________________

_____________________________Student Signature  ___________Date

_____Student’s Shirt Size (for jersey that’s worn all year) 



Tryouts and Practices are from 7:15am in the upper gym. Please drop students off at the gym doors. The first day of tryouts for each grade will ensure that all students are fully aware of the NASP procedures. The following days, rounds will be scored and all score sheets will be tallied. Tryouts are October 23rd - 24th for 7th and 8th graders and 25th - 26th for sixth grade. Some students will be asked to return on 30th and the 31st.  


*** students behaving in a unsafe manner or not following directions, will be asked to leave the archery range and will forfeit tryouts for the school year****. 


Compound Genesis bows will be available during tryouts for students. If students have a Genesis bow, they may bring it as long as it meets NASP guidelines and requirements. The top 12 archers from all grades combined will be named to the team. The archers chosen will receive paperwork Friday November 3rd.


Tournaments all tournaments are on saturdays unless otherwise noted


****Tournament dates sent out by first day of practice****


Vlad Ferenchuk

[email protected]