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Ocoee Middle School home of the COLTS... Considering Others while Learning Together Successfully


Ocoee Middle School is a public rural middle school serving sixth, seventh,and eighth graders, located within the city limits of Cleveland, TN. Located at 2250 North Ocoee Street, it houses @1200 middle school students. Ocoee Middle is one of two middle schools in the Bradley County School district--where our motto is "GROWING STUDENTS-BUILDING FUTURES". Ocoee Middle adheres to the Vision & Mission of Bradley County Schools as well. Click the following link to our district's website.


Ocoee Middle School began under the name of Bradley Elementary in 1972, and served 7th & 8th graders. In 1979, the name changed to Bradley Jr. High School and 9th graders were added to the campus. The school became its current name, Ocoee Middle School, in 2001, and the 9th graders were replaced by 6th graders. These changes were made to facilitate the school's transition to the middle school concept as part of the Bradley County Board of Education's master plan. The school was initially accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1996.